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Internationally accepted Swiss precision for optimum energy management.

The deregulation of energy markets and globally increasing environmental awareness define a high degree of responsibility for companies to treat power as a precious resource. Camille Bauer provides a wide spectrum of innovative and highly efficient power measurement and analysis products.

Our extensive product line is manufactured in accordance with individual customer specifications and their functionality is adapted to your requirements in order to guarantee optimum results. Custom-made measuring performance has always been part of our service.

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Camille Bauer Industrial Catalog
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Multi-Function Energy Transducers

DM5S, DM5F Universal Power Transducer with MODBUS Interface and/or Analog Outputs

DM5 Data Sheet
DM5 Instructions

MODBUS Instructions
CB Manager Software
Input: 0-0.8 A to 0-1.2 A or 0-4 A to 0-6 A from CT, 57-400 V phase-to-neutral, 100-693 V phase-to-phase, 50/60 Hz

Output: Up to 4 analog outputs and/or MODBUS interface

Programmable universal measurement devices for energy distribution and industrial applications. The devices can be quickly set up with CB-Manager software. Versions are availalbe for analog DC current outputs or Modbus. Measurements are done in all four quadrants and can be optimally adapted to the system to be monitored. Both the average time of the measurement and the expected maximum signal level can be configured. Commissioning is very easy and is supported by means of service functions, such as nameplate printing, connection check, measurement acquisition as well as simulation and trimming of the analog outputs.

  • DM5F: Fast response version
  • System state monitoring: class 0.2
  • Energy metering class 0.5S
  • Measures P, Q or S, I ~, U ~ (RMS), cos φ, sin φ, LF, PF, QF, f
  • USB PC programming interface
  • Configure using CB Manager software
  • 24-230 VDC or 100-230 VAC powered
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Sineax CAM Multifunction Energy Transducer

CAM Brochure
Rogowski Sensors Brochure
CAM Data Sheet
CAM Instructions
CAM Instructions for Graphic Display
CAM Safety Instructions

CAM Installation of IEC 61850 option
CAM IEC 61850 Certificate

CB Manager Software
CB Data Analylysis Software
MODBUS Instructions
MODBUS/TCP Instructions
Input: 0-1A, 0-5 A from CT or Two 4-20 mA, 57-400 V phase-to-neutral, 100-693 V phase-to-phase, 50/60 Hz, Digital I/O

Output/Communications: RS-485 MODBUS, Relay, Up to 4 analog, Digital I/O, USB 2.0 programming interface
  • True RMS
  • Simultaneous measurement of all 3 phases
  • Measures P, Q or S, I ~, U ~ (RMS), cos φ, sin φ, LF, PF, QF, LF, f, THD, TDD, VAR
  • 85-265 VAC/ 110-265 VDC powered
  • Optional 17-90 VDC powered
CAM with display

IEC 61850

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Power Transducers

Sineax P 530 Active Power & Q 531 Reactive Power Transducers

Data Sheet
Instructions, Single Phase Models
Instructions, 3-Phase Models
CSA Certificate
GL Certificate for Shipboard Use, 3-Phase Version
Input: 0-0.8 A to 0-1.2 A or, 0-4 A to 0-6 A, 100-690 V, 50/60 Hz

Output: 0-1 mA to 0-20mA, 1-5 mA to 4-20 mA, ±1 mA to ±20 mA, 0-1 V to 2-10 V, ±10 V
  • 3-Phase with Balanced or Unbalanced Load
  • Sinusoidal Input
  • Available as Measuring Source Powered to 230 V
  • 24-60 VAC/VDC or 85-230 VAC/VDC Powered
P 530

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